Ristorante barolo's

Dessert Menu

Lemon Sorbet

Two scoops

Chocolate Mint Bombe

Mint ice cream with chocolate sauce centre coated with dark chocolate


Sponge fingers soaked in coffee and layered with a light cream

Tartufo Limoncello

Lemon ice cream with a soft lemon liqueur centre with crushed lemon meringue

Tartufo Classico

Chocolate ice cream with a zabaglione centre coated with hazelnut praline

Banana Split

Banana, vanilla ice cream, topped with cream, sauce, nuts & wafers

Affogato Al Amaretto

Vanilla ice cream, chopped nuts, covered with Amaretto liqueur & topped with cream, more nuts & wafers

Italian Ice Cream 3 SCOOPS
£7,each scoop £3

Ask a member of staff for choice of flavours
Vegan & gluten free gluten free options also available

Desserts from the Cabinet

Ask your waiter for choices

Pan Dan Percy Panda

A panda toy filled with vanilla ice cream


An Elvis toy filled with chocolate ice cream

Hip Hop

A hippo toy filled with strawberry ice cream

Espresso Macchiato

Espresso coffee with a touch of milk

Double Espresso
Caffe Latte
Floater Coffee
Hot Chocolate with cream
Caffee De La Casa

Espresso with a dash of liqueur of your choice

Special Coffee

Liqueur coffee topped with fresh cream

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