Served with a choice of: vegetables & potatoes, rice, vegetables & chips, salad & chips
All our meats are 28 days mature
Beef Paesana

Cubes of fillet cooked in tomato, onion, mushrooms, fresh chilli and garlic. Served with rice if desired
(Allergens: celery)

Beef Stroganoff

Strips of fillet cooked with onions, mushrooms, paprika, demi glace & cream. Served with rice
(Allergens: milk)

Filetto Nizzarda

Strips of fillet cooked in sherry, prawns, chopped onion, peppers, demi glace, sage & cream, flavoured with garlic
(Allergens: milk, crustaceans, sulphites)

Steak Diana*

*220-226gr. approximate uncooked weight. Flattened fillet cooked in brandy, red wine, mushrooms, onion, cream & french mustard
(Allergens: milk, mustard, sulphites)

Filetto Rossini*

*220-226gr. approximate uncooked weight. Fillet cooked in a mushroom, pâté, demi glace & cream sauce on a toast
(Allergens: gluten containing cereals, milk, mustard)


Grilled Fillet*

*220-226gr. approximate uncooked weight. Grilled fillet steak, served with lemon wedge & mushrooms

Grilled Sirloin*

*220-226gr. approximate uncooked weight. Grilled sirloin steak, served with lemon wedge & mushrooms


Buongustaio Sauce

Bacon, sautéed with mushrooms, red wine, paprika demi glace & cream sauce
(Allergens: milk, sulphites)

Dolcelatte Sauce vegetarian

White wine, dolcelatte cheese & cream
(Allergens: milk, sulphites)

Barolo Sauce vegetarian

Peppers, mushrooms, onion, garlic, fresh chilli, red wine in tomato & cream sauce
(Allergens: milk, celery, sulphites)

Garlic Sauce vegetarian

Garlic, demi glace & cream sauce
(Allergens: milk)

Pepper Sauce vegetarian

Peppercorn, crack peppers demi glace & cream sauce
(Allergens: milk, sulphites, tree nuts such as: walnut, hazelnut, almond)

Mushroom Sauce vegetarian

Mushrooms, white wine & cream sauce
(Allergens: milk, sulphites)